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Jyoti Nivas College Auditorium, Bangalore

Feb 13, 6.30 pm



In 20 years, Professor S. Sadagopan has ‘looked over the shoulders’ of 140 startups and 200 budding entrepreneurs! So it was indeed exciting to hear his thoughts on entrepreneurship at the E Week closing ceremony.


“Today’s India is a very different India. It makes me wish I was born thirty years later! In the 1960s, when we went to the US, we were apologetic Indians. Today, we are confident Indians. In my time, Americans thought India was a city near Bangkok! Today, they know Bangalore as a city of software engineers,” he said.


According to Professor Sadagopan, India’s biggest strength lies in the fact that it is a ‘young’ nation. “The average age of citizens across the developed countries is high. The world needs a constant supply of young manpower, and India will provide them. This opens up a world of entrepreneurship opportunities for aspiring youth,” he said.


Calling the young NEN student members as ‘India’s tomorrow’, he asked them to draw inspiration from India’s most celebrated entrepreneur – Mahatma Gandhi. “Satyagraha is a great example of entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurship equips one with the ability to make a difference in the lives of people and country. It is this power that needs to be harnessed by young people today,” he added.



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