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Energy-tic All the Way

DY Patil Engineering College, Pune

Feb 7, 12.30 pm


This E Week, E Cell members at DY Patil Engineering College have taken India’s energy crisis head on. They didn’t look far; the college canteen seemed like a good place to begin.


The E Cell has installed a biogas plant using Sintex tanks that will produce biogas, which can replace almost 2.5 kg of LPG everyday. What’s more, they have even introduced a unique concept of compressing and packaging of biogas in cylinders and made it an alternative to the conventional LPG.


“The canteen generates 30-40 kg of waste everyday. The canteen has to pay an approximate amount of Rs 6,000 per year for the disposal of this waste. We have come up with a solution that is win-win for both,” says Prateek, President of the E Cell.

“The quality of our biogas plant is better than conventional plants as it is above the ground and we have the benefits of using solar energy too,” adds Niyanta Gupta, E Leader.


DY Patil Biogas Plant 



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