E Week Yatra Stories

An Eco Gym Discovered!

National Institute of Engineering, Mysore

Feb 11, 11.00 am


Ever heard of an ‘Eco Gym’? Here’s how it will work: Use the step-up machine to draw water from 30 feet under. Pedal an aero cycle and spray water in the farm. Or maybe ground flour. Who needs electricity when one has muscles?


Alright, I confess, these ideas have been stolen from NIE’s Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies which is doing research and development on technological applications for rural India. Apart from the models shared above, the CREST’s exhibition ground showcased a biogas plant, a charcoal cooker and chulhas. The E Cell at NIE has in fact partnered with CREST this E Week to install chulhas in 50 rural homes.


“We are planning to bring rural youth to CREST and show them these inventions. The entrepreneurial ones will surely discover practical applications for them, and implement them in their own villages,” said NIE’s NEN Faculty Leader RCN Vinayak.



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