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E Cells in the Spotlight

IIT Bombay, Mumbai

Feb 6, 4.00 pm


Licence Raj. Bureaucracy. Lack of infrastructure.

What’s all this talk about? Government? Economy?


We’re discussing Entrepreneurship Cells!


Running an E Cell on campus is like running a startup. An E Leader told me that sometimes it is even tougher. Getting acceptance from the institute, support from faculty, participation from classmates – all this while handling the pressure of studies – can become very challenging.


How can E Cells succeed within these constraints? This was the subject of discussion at the Global E Cell Conference, hosted by E Cell, IIT Bombay. The conference aimed to create a platform where various E Cells in the NEN community can interact and discuss their problems and solutions.


30 E Cells participated in the conference. A mentor-mentee network was forged between high-performance E Cells, established E Cells and growing E Cells. They will be meeting on a regular basis to together build successful E Cells.


“On one hand, we want to learn from other E Cells to improve the way we work. On the other, we want to give back to the community by sharing our experiences and stories with others,” said Shabeer Hussain of St Peter’s Engineering College, Chennai, who participated in the event.


“An E Cell’s main objective is to create and support entrepreneurs. All E Cells have to come together to network and support each other to succeed. This conference was an important step in this direction,” said Neha Rambhia, overall coordinator of E Cell, IIT Bombay.




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