Activity Ideas

Activity IdeasInterested in organizing an activity for Entrepreneurship Week India? Great! To get an idea of what you can do, check out our list of exciting, learning-oriented activities. These activities are flexible – you can bend them any way, depending on your audience, topic or objective.


Organize a Video Fest

Videos are a great way to engage participants – especially to spark discussions! This E Week, we encourage you to show videos that throw light on opportunities behind India’s biggest challenges. And once the videos are shown, start a discussion that pushes participants to further explore the ideas and problems discussed in the video.

In fact, Nandan Nilekani’s TED Video "Ideas for India" is a great one to begin with – and our downloadable guide will help you kickstart and lead discussions.



Host Entrepreneurs Talks

Organize an exclusive E Week India 2010 "Opportunities Lecture Series" on campus. Invite entrepreneurs who are acting on opportunities in critical sectors like Infrastructure, Health, Energy, Education, Waste Management, Water and Transportation. Interact with them to know how they chose to see beyond the ordinary!

Download our guides and how-to’s to see how you can make the best of an Entrepreneur's presence on campus.



Organize an Awareness Campaign

E Week India is a campaign to build awareness and support for entrepreneurs! We encourage you to reach out to your friends, colleagues, family – everyone –and enlist them to organize creative campaigns that spread the spirit and message of E Week.

Linked below is an inspiring story on how students in Indore collaborated with the local radio and organized marathons and signature campaign to raise awareness about entrepreneurship.




IMAG(IN)E INDIA is a fun, creative exercise that enables its participants to identify as many innovative (and wacky!) solutions as possible to some of the biggest challenges – including health, transport, infrastructure, education and more. The exercise is conducted using a presentation, containing images that depict some of India’s biggest challenges and through discussions with participants divided into multiple teams.



More Activities from NEN Online

NEN Online hosts a number of exercises to explore the entrepreneurial zeal of participants. You may choose from case studies, short projects, idea-generation exercises and more – check out the link: