NIE wins Entrepreneur week India awards

Feb 20, 2010 | Coverage in Star of Mysore online, Mysore



ONYX, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of NIE, has been adjudged the “E Week India Runners Up” at the grand finale of NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network)’s Entrepreneurship Week India held at Jyothi Nivas College, Bangalore recently. ONYX has also been awarded the “Nilima Rovshen Creativity and Innovation Award”, taking the NIE award count to 2, a rare feat achieved only by one other college, in the week-long entrepreneurship extravaganza.

The people responsible for NIE’s stellar performance are Dr. M. V. Achutha and R. C. N. Vinayak, faculty in charge of the EDC. ONYX is headed by Nitesh.D.Shivapooja (President), Sharan.K.Shetty (Vice President) and Siddhanth.J.Shetty (Secretary), Rakhi Laddar ( marketing head), Jyothsna N Karthik (Onyx Coordinator) with the wholehearted support from the principal Dr. M S Shivakumar, S.Shamsundar and the NIE Management.

Encompassing 512 colleges over 30 cities and actively involving more than 4,00,000 participants, E-Week is the biggest celebration of entrepreneurship in India. The theme for E-Week 2010 was “India : Opportunities Within” to make us realize that India’s greatest entrepreneurial opportunities lie within its biggest challenges, be it in the education, health or even the energy sectors.

The event which won the Nilima Rovshen award was conducted by ONYX in association with NIE-CREST (Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies). CREST has pioneered many innovative solutions to meet energy requirements locally. Most of the technologies developed by CREST do not require electricity. The focus is on renewable energy and muscle power, both of which are abundantly available in India but not effectively harnessed.

Apart from biomass technologies like stoves, biogas plants and solar energy technologies, CREST has come up with some inventions tailored specifically for rural use like a rope and washer pump (for farmers with small holdings for whom large motors and pumps are impracticable and uneconomical), single piston spray pump (to lift water, spray pesticides and operated by simple pedaling), battery charging system on a bullock cart and many more.

During the course of E-Week, some of these technologies were installed in villages. Funds for the initial installation were generated through sponsors and businesses. As this event had to look at the social as well as the entrepreneurship angle, arrangements have been made to collect a nominal amount each month, through women’s self-help groups in the villages themselves, thus generating more capital to spread this programme to other needy villages. This is basically a revolving fund, to sustain the programme beyond E-Week. Also, a training progra-mme for villagers in manufacturing these innovative machines and help them turn into entrepreneurs has been conducted.

Apart from this event, a public outreach programme of visiting schools and interacting with high school students was also conducted. The idea was to enlighten students about entrepreneurship, which was very well received by them. A painting competition with the same theme was also conducted, eliciting a phenomenal participation.

A group discussion titled “The Big Fight” in association with Rotary Club of Mysore Midtown which brought students, parents and entrepreneurs on a common platform turned out to be as exciting as the popular national programme. Apart from these events, a fun fair with the usual merriment was effective in creating a buzz in the city.

— Nitesh D. Shivapooja